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SWCC 2019 Book Awards Are Open

More about our annual book awards...

The Science Writers and Communicators of Canada offer two annual book awards to honour outstanding contributions to science writing

  1.  intended for and available to children/middle grades ages 8-12 years, and
  2. intended for and available to the general public. Competitors must be Canadian citizens or residents of Canada, but need not be members of the SWCC. Entries, in either French or English, must have been published in Canada during the 2018 calendar year. 

Judging Criteria

Entries may deal with aspects of basic or applied science or technology, historical or current, in any area including health, social or environmental issues, regulatory trends etc.

Books will be judged on literary excellence and scientific content and accuracy. Specific judging criteria will include initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation and value in promoting greater understanding of science by the general reader.

Books must be understandable to the layperson or children, with appropriate clarification of medical and scientific terminology, and an orderly marshalling of facts.

Also the subject matter should be significant and relevant for the majority of the public or children, and so presented that it increases public awareness. 

Rules for Submissions

These will change from year-to-year. Please visit the current year's awards page to see these rules. Please contact us with questions or comments!

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