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  • 17 Jan 2019 2:24 PM | Anonymous

    The Science Writers & Communicators of Canada will be electing new members to its board at the upcoming Annual General Meeting in May — three directors and the treasurer, vice-president and president. If you have ever wanted to have a hand in the way our organization operates, you are asked to please put your name forward.

    Please visit the nominations page and complete your nomination package by March 22, 2019!

  • 08 Jan 2019 12:23 PM | Anonymous

    We have a new addition to the masthead!

    It brings me particular pleasure, on behalf of our Boar
    d of Directors, to break the news we have hired Nikki Berreth as our next General Manager, effective January 15, 2019.

    Nikki assumes the role vacated by Janice Benthin, who took her well-deserved retirement in September after having served the SWCC’s members, board and partners since 2011. We thank Janice for her countless – and ongoing – contributions to the organization, which have benefited science writing and communication efforts in Canada.

    Many of you will be familiar with Nikki’s work as co-founder of both Science Slam Canada and LitScientist. She is also the Communication and Event Manager for STEAM Communication and Events, and brings a breadth of experience in event management, science communication, branding and social media.

    (After hearing Nikki’s talk at last year’s SWCC conference, I still try to imagine which room in my house would be representative of any new emerging social media platform I encounter.)

    Nikki will be the primary contact for our members and will serve as a knowledge steward responsible for helping develop, implement and support our programs. In the process, she will also help advance fundraising efforts and modernize our digital footprint.

    I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our hiring committee – which also included, at various stages, Michael Dwyer, Jennifer Gagné, Christel Binnie, Tim Lougheed and Janice Benthin – who gave generously of their time, thoughts and ideas as we reimagined the role and its objectives, developed hiring processes and assessed potential candidates.

    Collectively, we’re thrilled to welcome Nikki to the fold. She can be reached at I encourage you to reach out to her once she assumes the role next week.

    Happy New Year, everyone – here’s to a 2019 filled with science and the compelling stories that come from it.

    Douglas Keddy
    President, Science Writers & Communicators of Canada 
  • 17 Dec 2018 9:02 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    The Marine Detective aka Jackie Hildering is the winner of SWCC’s 2018 People’s Choice Award for Canada's Favourite Canadian Science Site. She is an educator, Humpback Whale researcher, underwater photographer, and author living on Vancouver Island, BC. She co-founded the Marine Education and Research Society and is active in conservation and as a naturalist trainer.

    The Marine Detective

    sea slug, Alabaster Nudibranch (Dirona albolineata) at a depth of 3 metres

    The first sentence on The Marine Detective’s page reads, “Join me in the cold, dark, life-sustaining NE Pacific Ocean to discover the great beauty, mystery and fragility hidden there.”

    It’s an invitation. If you accept, there’s a good chance your mind will be blown (in a good way).

    An excellent place to start is the photos. Many of The Marine Detective’s underwater images are from a part of the ocean that even most divers have never seen. She dives the cold, dark waters off Vancouver Island’s northeast coast. As promised, she captures great beauty, mystery and fragility with her camera. If you think exquisite, colourful life forms are only found on tropical coral reefs and not in dark, cold water, prepare to be amazed.


    One of the things I like about The Marine Detective’s site is that there is no sign-in and no ad-packed slideshows. You can view the lush, full size images without annoying distractions, possibly for much, much longer than you’d planned to spend oohing and aahing at the mysteries of the deep. For the divers and photogs, there’s technical info about the photographs.

    Jackie’s blogs about marine animals drew me in and kept me reading. I came across something called Bubble-Net Feeding. What could that possibly be?

    Turns out it’s a co-operative hunting strategy of humpback whales. A well-coordinated team works together to corral a school of small fish by blowing bubbles into a netlike shape. While some whales are hard at work doing that, another whale, the caller, screams like you’ve never heard a whale scream before. It’s one of the freakiest sounding things you’ll ever hear. You might not be anthropomorphizing when you think you hear rising excitement in the caller’s shriek. You can learn how and why, watch the humpbacks work together, and listen to the astounding caller here: Bubble-Net Feeding

    While checking out Jackie’s Orca blogs, I came across a whale of a tale spawned by a viral video in 2015. Orca were seen rubbing their bellies on a pebbly bottom in shallow waters off the Discovery Islands. The internet went wild. No Orca had ever done this before! Um, wrong. According to The Marine Detective, “It’s not rare behaviour at all. It is rare that people get to see it.” Not only does Jackie explain what’s going on, she even identifies the individual belly-rubbing whales! Other recordings have surfaced since the original viral video and have been added to the story:  Beach Rubbing Orca

    And if you’ve ever wondered how, exactly, an octopus poos (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), you’re welcome. Octopus Pooing

    The blog includes links to more resources and research, and there are informative excerpts of The Marine Detective from various TV programs on the site as well.

    There’s something for the kiddies too. Her book, Find the Fish, is a Where's Waldo of the fish world. It’s intended for kids aged 5 to 10 and the adults who love them. There is another Find the Fish in the works, scheduled to be published in 2019. Find the Fish is available on The Marine Detective site, along with calendars, cards and prints featuring Jackie’s photographs.

    The Marine Detective, Canada’s Favourite Science Site, is a love letter to nature, to the ecosystems that support all life. If you love something, you want to learn more about it, and when you know more about it and realize its true worth, you want to protect and nurture it. You want others to discover, love, and protect it too. And that, in short, is what The Marine Detective’s site is all about.

    Along with her fact-based blogs, Jackie writes about the things that are on her mind and in her heart. Below is a meme she created for her site, and closing thoughts from The Marine Detective herself.

    Humpback Whale “Jigger”

    It is such a limitation to think, and feel, and speak in a way that this is somehow about something outside ourselves . . . saving “the environment.” We are the environment. It’s not about saving something outside ourselves ... whales, wetlands, trees, fish. It’s about choices that benefit ourselves and future generations, providing the greatest chances for health and happiness. It’s about children. That’s what all these photos and words are about here on “The Marine Detective” folks. Inspiration. Connection. Understanding our capacity for positive change. Caring More. Consuming Less. Voting for the future. And, knowing our place IN the environment.

    Jackie Hildering

    The Marine Detective

  • 01 Nov 2018 11:54 AM | Anonymous

    On behalf of the Board of the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to long-time Executive Director, Janice Benthin, who has taken her well-deserved retirement as of November 1, 2018.

    Janice has long provided tremendous wisdom and service to our Board, our members and our partners alike, and will very much be missed in this capacity.

    Congratulations on your retirement!

    Douglas Keddy, President

    Science Writers & Communicators of Canada

  • 22 Oct 2018 2:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Yes, we’re hiring!

    Do you believe you’re the one to help guide the organization in the next phase of its evolution? Or, do you know someone who is passionate about science and storytelling in Canada who would be a perfect fit? 

    Either way, we at Science Writers and Communicators of Canada are hiring a new General Manager, starting in January 2019. Please take a look at the attached posting, share with your networks and get in touch with any questions.


    Summary of the position:

    Science communication and science journalism are changing. As the Canadian professional membership organization for science journalists and communicators, we are also changing. We need someone who can help guide us into the future.

    Science Writers & Communicators of Canada (SWCC) is hiring someone who is passionate about the world of science communication, is an idea builder, a knowledge-steward and thrives on change.

    This position will keep you connected to Canada's science community and expose you to an endless array of ideas. You will have time for your other passion projects as this is not a full-time position. We encourage and expect flexibility. If this excites you, we hope to hear from you.

    Position Title: General Manager

    Contract Details: Services are required from January to June, with a strong potential of an extension upon successful completion of the initial contract.

    Start Date: January 15, 2019

    Posting Closing Date: November 12, 2018

    Hours:This is a contract position with flexible hours. Hours increase leading up to the annual conference, and decrease during the summer. You will be working with people across the country and office hours need to accommodate their time zones.

    Location:Canada. For the most part, this is a job that works wherever you are. You will be able to work on your own computer from your own preferred location.

    Who we are

    Science Writers & Communicators of Canada (SWCC) is a national alliance of professional science communicators in all media. Founded in 1971, the organization links science and technology communicators from coast to coast to coast. The mission of the SWCC is to cultivate excellence in science communication and our goal is to increase public awareness and accessibility of science in Canadian society.

    The new General Manager of the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada is:

    ● Engaged in the science community. You understand Canada’s science ecosystem and its stakeholders. 

    ● Effective in building partnerships and securing funding. You have sponsorship and fundraising experience, and will be able to represent the organization confidently as you seek, and find, new sources of support in a changing communications landscape. You will work with the president and board in approaching potential partners, and will at times be the organization’s sole representative.

    ● Organized and productive. You are a guru in multitasking and setting priorities. You will be working with a very busy group of volunteers. You are skilled at giving gentle yet firm reminders of tasks to be completed and doing regular check-ins. Think: General Manager Extraordinaire.

    ● Detail-oriented. You will be responsible for coordinating programs on behalf of the organization, renewing memberships, managing the website, scheduling social media posts, administering a book awards program, setting up event registration, managing member services, taking and sharing board meeting minutes, as well as generally keeping projects and people on track.

    ● An expert in customer service. As the primary point of contact to the organization, internally and externally, you will work effectively with a wide variety of members and stakeholders.

    ● Skilled at event management. The annual conference is currently the main sponsorship opportunity and a chance for members to connect in person. Each year, a new team of SWCC members organize the conference in a different location across the country. To ensure its success, you will be the consistent voice and knowledge-holder during the planning phases of this critical event.

    ● Tech and social media savvy. The website and social media are primary points of contact for our members and others. You will be responsible for updating web content, as well troubleshooting on the site’s back-end. You will also facilitate an overhaul of the site's front end. You will use your social media expertise to promote the SWCC, raise its profile, and build new relationships.

    ● Experienced in managing financial resources, including proper record-keeping and adhering to principles of accountability and transparency.

    Education and experience required

    ● University degree or college diploma in a relevant discipline (e.g., management, science, communications, marketing, journalism) or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

    ● A minimum of five years of experience in business or communications, preferably with a focus on executing strategies and coordinating operational requirements.

    Asset qualifications

    ● Experience working in a non-profit or association environment.

    ● Experience working with a board of directors or senior officials.

    ● Experience working with an organization in transition.

    ● Knowledge of social media tools, such as Hootsuite.


    All qualified applicants are welcomed to submit a current résumé and any relevant portfolio materials to We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.

  • 17 Oct 2018 8:17 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Science Writers and Communicators of Canada offer two annual book awards to honour outstanding contributions to science writing 1) intended for and available to children/middle grades ages 8-12 years, and 2) intended for and available to the general public. Competitors must be Canadian citizens or residents of Canada, but need not be members of the SWCC. Entries, in either French or English, must have been published in Canada during the 2018 calendar year. 

    Judging Criteria

    Entries may deal with aspects of basic or applied science or technology, historical or current, in any area including health, social or environmental issues, regulatory trends etc.

    Books will be judged on literary excellence and scientific content and accuracy. Specific judging criteria will include initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation and value in promoting greater understanding of science by the general reader.

    Books must be understandable to the layperson or children, with appropriate clarification of medical and scientific terminology, and an orderly marshalling of facts.

    Also the subject matter should be significant and relevant for the majority of the public or children, and so presented that it increases public awareness. 

    Rules for Submissions

    Include a fully completed entry form with each submission, entry forms  are available on our website in English and French

    Submit a brief  biography of the author(s)

     Submit 6 copies for judging purposes

    Entry must have been published in Canada during the 2018 calendar year and must be received by Dec 6, 2018

    Entries failing to comply with these rules will be rejected. For more information please phone the SWCC office at 1-800-796-8595, or email

    All entries become the property of the SWCC

  • 10 Oct 2018 6:48 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Who did you vote for in the 2018 People’s Choice Award for your Favourite Canadian Science Site? If you voted for The Marine Detective, you voted for the Winner! 

    Congrats to The Marine Detective, Jackie Hildering!

    Watch the Winner Announcement video and catch a glimpse of some of Jackie Hildering’s awe inspiring work. 

    The Runners-Up are: 


    Inside the Perimeter

    Congratulations to all our nominees. In our eyes, you’re all winners! See you next year.   

  • 01 Oct 2018 8:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Voting is now closed for Canada’s Favourite Science Online. We asked you to vote for your fave science site and you did! Did your choice become a Finalist? And who won? The winner will be announced via video on Wednesday, October 10th on social media and on this page. Be sure to check back and cheer for the winner!

    In the meantime, here are your Finalists, three science sites we’re all proud to call our own!

    Finalists for Favourite Canadian Science Site:

    Inside the Perimeter

    Twitter: @Perimeter

    Who doesn’t want to understand the universe? Inside the Perimeter you’ll find mindbending ideas in theoretical physics. Combined with research, training, and outreach the PI aims to stimulate the breakthroughs that could transform our future. To explore bold new ideas Inside the Perimeter, visit their website or check it out on Twitter.



     Twitter: @r2rnow

    Does quantum physics answer unanswerable questions? Can farmed algae replace fossil fuels? Why is the bread wheat’s genome more than five times larger than a human’s? So many fascinating topics in the world today, so much iffy information on the internet. But don’t worry, real science is just one click away. Get the facts from world class scientists at Canadian universities who share their leading edge research online on this site.


    The Marine Detective

     Twitter: @OceanDetective

    Jackie Hildering is an educator, conservationist, diver, underwater photographer, and Humpback Whale researcher in BC. Her mission is to raise awareness about life in the ocean and to illuminate the fragility, beauty, and mystery of the deeps.  Her underwater images expose the vital importance of conservation and illustrate that the merging of science and art is breathtaking.

    Science Borealis will announce the Winner for Favourite Blog on Wednesday October 3rd on social media, and is announcing the runners-up starting on Monday October 1, 2018. @ScienceBorealis

  • 28 Sep 2018 10:26 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Author Brett D. Huson (Hetxw’ms Gyetxw) won the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Youth Book Award 2018 for his book The Sockeye Mother. SWCC board member Jay Whetter presented the award at the Millennium Library in Winnipeg during Science Literacy Week. (

    Huson is from the Gitxsan Nation, an Indigenous people from the northwest Interior of British Columbia. He now lives in Winnipeg.

    The Sockeye Mother explores the intricate connection between the sockeye salmon, the Gitxsan people, and British Columbia’s Skeena River valley. The book presents the life cycle of the sockeye salmon, introduces readers to basic Gitxsan words and is beautifully illustrated with traditional formline art. After the award presentation, Huson read from his book and took questions.

    Science Writers and Communicators of Canada offer two annual book awards to honour outstanding contributions to science writing. One is for books intended for and available to children/middle grades ages 8-12 years. The other is for the general public.

    Books are judged on literary excellence and scientific content and accuracy. In addition the two book juries look for initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation, relevance and value in promoting greater understanding of science by the general reader. 

    Winners receive a certificate and cash prize of $1,000. 

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