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Canada's Favourite Science Online. Vote now! Deadline Oct 14

19 Sep 2017 8:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and Science Borealis are excited to announce the nominees for the 2017 People’s Choice Awards: Canada’s Favourite Science Online!

Vote for your favourite websites and blogs and bestow upon them the bragging rights they so richly deserve! It’s easy to do.

Check out the nominees, especially the ones that are new to you (they’re all fabulous), and vote for your 3 favourites in each of 2 categories: Favourite Science Site and Favourite Science Blog. Once you’ve voted, join us on social media to cheer for your faves using the hashtag #CdnSciFav.


Voting closes October 14th. Winners will be announced during the Canadian Science Policy Conference (Nov 1-3) and simultaneously across the SWCC and SciBor social media channels.

Top 10 List for Canada’s Favourite Science Site:


Twitter: @Beakerhead

It’s the Burning Man of science! Beakerhead is an annual program that brings together the arts, sciences, and engineering sectors to build, engage, compete, and exhibit interactive works of art, engineered creativity, and entertainment.

Evidence for Democracy


About: Standing up for science and smart decision-making in Canada. Evidence for Democracy (E4D) is the leading fact-driven, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization promoting the transparent use of evidence in government decision-making in Canada.

Hakai Magazine

Twitter: @hakaimagazine

About: Hakai Magazine explores science, society, and the environment from a coastal perspective.

Let’s Talk Science

Twitter: @LetsTalkScience

About:  Let's Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization focused on education and outreach to support youth development.

Nature Conservancy Canada

Twitter: @NCC_CNC

About: The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is Canada's leading national land conservation organization, envisioning a Canada that conserves nature in all its diversity, and safeguards the lands and waters that sustain life.

Quebec Science

Twitter: @QuebecScience

About: Winner of the 2017 Canadian Magazine Awards, this French language magazine features science and technology news, commentary, and a fun youth page.

About: serves up the biographies of over 250 Canadian scientists and their work, features experiments and quizzes, as well as Ask a Scientist, and Canadian science news.

Science on Stage Canada

About; SoSC brings together the best minds in science education to inspire young people to explore science and technology by providing teachers with tools to transform their classrooms into innovative learning environments.

The Conversation

Twitter: @ConversationCA

About: Not just a good science news read, The Conversation is also a source of ideas, media-ready experts and free content written by academics and researchers with deep expertise. The site features a searchable database of more than 30,000 academics.

Youth Science Canada

Twitter: @YouthScienceCan

About: Dedicated to the thrills and excitement of science fairs, this bilingual site features news and blogs for budding scientists.

Vote for your faves now!


Top 12 List for Canada’s Favourite Science Blog

The Body of Evidence  Dr. Christopher Labos, Jonathan Jarry

Twitter: @drlabos ‏  @crackedscience

About:  Through a podcast, a shared blog, and videos (and even appearances on the radio and in person), they explore what reproducible evidence has to say on important medical topics, and how scientific thinking shouldn’t be the sole purview of researchers. The bickering is just the cherry on top.

The Intrepid Mathematician  Anthony Bonato

Twitter: @Anthony_Bonato

About:  The Intrepid Mathematician began in early 2015 as a means for me to write for non-mathematicians about mathematics and mathematicians. Since then, I’ve written about mathematics in popular culture and my own journey as an academic, thinker, and writer.

ScyWhy Claire Eamer and many others

Twitter: @PaulaJohanson @CEamer  @helainebecker

About: In the beginning, Claire had an idea. It was a simple idea - to gather a group of like-minded writers and launch a blog. Why? To help parents, teachers and librarians discover the wide world of Canadian science writing for kids.

Art The Science Blog Julia Krolik, Alex Pedersen, Owen Fernley, Catherine Lau

Twitter: @artthescience

Welcome to the Art the Science Blog – dedicated to featuring global sciart! The content is divided into four main categories: Creators: These days, it is not uncommon for artists to self identify as scientists and vice-versa. Therefore, the term refers to anyone influenced by science for artwork creation; Works are any artworks or exhibitions that are inspired by science; Spaces include any public or online gallery/magazine/organization that is dedicated to the promotion of scientific art and; Bits: Fast coverage of #SciArt.

Theory, Evolutions, and Game Group Artem Kaznatcheev & many others

Twitter: @kaznatcheev

I am Artem Kaznatcheev, and this is my venue for articles that are more long-form than G+ posts but aren’t quite long enough for more formal publication — although the ideas developed in the posts often lead to that.  Instead of trying to give you a short summary, I will provide you with seven broad themes -- Algorithmic theory of biology, Bounded rationality in economics and finance, Cognitive science and philosophy of mind, Evolutionary game theory, Mathematical oncology and theoretical biology, Metamodeling and philosophy of science, and Theoretical computer science and machine learning.

Ibycter Sean McCann

Twitter @Ibycter

About: Ibycter is about the beauty of natural history and animal behaviour research, conveyed through photography. My primary inspiration comes from getting out and exploring nature with my camera whenever I can, and this blog is an opportunity to share what I find.

Gil Wizen  Gil Wizen

Twitter: @wizentrop

About: I am a naturalist with a great affection for small creatures. This is what led me to study biology and later to focus on entomology (the study of insects) as my main field of research. I created this website to present my inspirations and work in greater detail, as well as to educate and ignite a similar passion in others. Small organisms, and arthropods in particular, display a huge diversity of interesting behaviors and adaptations for survival but they are often overlooked or worse – feared of for no good reason. I hope this website will help to show their true beauty.

Pseudoplocephalus Victoria Arbour

Twitter: @VictoriaArbour

Pseudoplocephalus is the home base for Dr. Victoria Arbour, an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto and Royal Ontario Museum. Victoria has been writing about dinosaurs, palaeontology, museums, science communication, and women in STEM since 2010.

Astroquizzical Jillian Scudder

Twitter @astroquizzical

All things astronomy. Any lingering questions about anything to do with space? Your questions aren't silly. Ask them here!

Spielraum Jared Stang

Twitter @StangJared

Spielraum: 1. Playspace; 2. The set of actions available to an expert agent in a situation; 3. A blog about an instructor finding his spielraum in a university physics classroom.

Companion Animal Psychology Zazie Todd

Twitter @CompAnimalPsych

About the science of people’s relationships with their pets. Topics include dog training, canine behaviour, feline behaviour, enrichment, behaviour problems, attachment to pets, and the human-animal bond. Dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, horses and fish are all included. Topic suggestions are welcome.

Dispatches from the Field Catherine Dale, Amanda Tracey, Sarah Wallace

Twitter @fieldworkblog

So much of what happens in the field has no place in scientific papers, and never makes it into the public realm – yet these stories are the core of the experience.  We want this blog to serve as an outlet for those stories, and also a way for us to share the rare, quiet lessons we’ve learned from the many landscapes we’ve been privileged to get to know.

Vote for your faves now!



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