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CSWA Runoff Name Vote

  • 28 Nov 2016
  • 10 Dec 2016
  • online


This run-off vote consists of three questions that are intended to draw out the option that is most preferred by a majority of members. Please answer all three questions, even if it doesn't include your first choice, so that members' preferences can be accurately ranked.
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A total of 128 of you took time to vote and share with us your top choice for a name for our association. Thank you for your engagement! The results of the vote are available [here]

An overwhelming majority of members voted for a new name but no single alternative name received a majority of the votes. The CSWA board is now asking members for their guidance by holding a runoff vote to make a final choice between the three names that rose to the top in the first round of voting. The finalists include the association's current name and the two most popular member-suggested alternatives:

Canadian Science Writers' Association (our current name)

Canadian Science Communicators 

Science Writers and Communicators of Canada

The runoff vote is designed to ensure that one option will emerge with at least a 50% majority of the overall vote. A two thirds majority is required to change the association's legal name.

Voting for this second and final round is open through midnight ET December 10, 2016.  

Contact if you have any questions or technical difficulties.  


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