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Seema Goel

Seema Goel is a Canadian artist and writer. Her work focuses on the weird, wonderful, and wacky relationships humans maintain and develop with the natural world and the other critters that live here. Her presentation will discuss opportunities for repositioning craft in the sustainability discourse with particular consideration towards wool as a form of carbon capture. Get your knitting needles out and fight climate change! 

Seema is the  STEAM Programmer for the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba. This position, unique in Canada, connects across art and science with the aim of developing problem solving and creativity skills so students become stronger science communicators and better science citizens.

She and her STEAM team are the primary organizers for the Manitoba chapter of Science Rendezvous, an annual Science and Engineering festival in May. This year 700+ students volunteered to provide programming for the 7000 people who attended SR, and brought together over 20 departments and community organizations to collectively celebrate the wonder in science and engineering.

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