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2020 Virtual Conference


Scientific progress across every discipline in recent years – from medicine to materials to agriculture – is leading to a healthier, more equitable and inclusive society. Almost every aspect of our daily lives relies on science to improve our well-being, as individuals and a society.

Yet anti-intellectual populist movements around the world – e.g., against vaccines, climate change – make it easy to believe that widespread rejection of science is on the rise, making many in the scientific community nervous.

In the so-called post-truth world, objective facts hold less influence over people than appeals to emotion and personal belief. How can we continue to benefit from scientific advances and innovations if policies and decision-making aren’t influenced by evidence, truth and facts?

Researchers from the fields of cognitive and behavioural science, neuroscience and psychology have been improving our understanding of denial and how attitudes and beliefs are cultivated, processed and then potentially changed through communication efforts.

The 2021 Science Writers and Communicators of Canada Conference (SWCC)will explore fascinating insights from these disciplines, and translate them into practical workshops for science writers and communicators, giving us the tools to break down barriers, and get past assumptions and biases.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Join us for the SWCC's 2020 Virtual Conference this summer!

Starting June 30th and following each Tuesday afternoon until July 28th, the SWCC will deliver virtual conference programming that explores our conference theme or that provides professional development for our members.

Each Tuesday features two 90-minute sessions.

  • 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm EDT: First Session
  • 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EDT: Break
  • 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm EDT: Second Session

This conference is FREE for members. Become a member.


No problem. Members who register to attend the conference will have access to recorded sessions via the members-only portal on the SWCC web site.


To protect the privacy of speakers and attendees, and to ensure the integrity of each virtual session, participants are required to register in advance. Our conference is currently FULL. Please join the waitlist below.

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Thank you to our generous sponsors!


What attendees say about our annual conference!

"The conference was my first exposure to SWCC. What a breath of fresh air. As a mid-to-later stage professional, I don't often get the opportunity to interact with other communicators and writers. I came back with information and contacts that are beneficial for me and my organization. I feel reinvigorated in my practice. Follow up and responsiveness on the part of the organizers after-the-fact has also been excellent."

"My second week into my Masters of Science Communication program I was lucky enough to attend the 2017 SWCC Conference. It was a great experience to get a broad view of science writing and communicating in Canada as well as having a chance to listen to and meet some amazing presenters. When thinking about future career opportunities the SWCC Conference really got my wheels turning about where I can go and the different kinds of things I can do. Highly recommended!"

"I look forward to this conference every year and there's nothing like it. SWCC keeps a community connected across Canada and these few days energize us for the rest of the year. The people you meet and the insights you gain are so important for all science writers and communicators' work."

"The SWCC conference 2017 offered me a perfect way to not only learn some good 'best practice' tips in science communications but more importantly offered me an opportunity to meet, network and benefit from learning from an incredibly friendly, smart and experienced group of science communicators. I have already recommended the conference to a number of my colleagues back in the UK."

"The SWCC conference is a chance to get out of your science silo and pick up new approaches to communicate science, learn about other exciting scientific fields and share ideas with your science writer colleagues from across Canada."

"The annual conference is a great place to meet your peers, strike up friendships, and to maintain relationships over the years -- important in such a lonely profession. As a writer, I've found stories and more than paid for the cost of a trip. As an editor, I've had the chance to get to know writers who have ended up freelancing for me, or have been offered jobs working with me."

Annual Conference and Locations

2020 - Virtual Conference

2019 - Winnipeg, MB

2018 - Vancouver, BC

2017 - Ottawa, ON 

2016 - Guelph, ON

2015 - Saskatoon, SK

2014 - Toronto, ON

2013 - Montreal, QB

2012 - Windsor, ON


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