Reg Urbanowski

Reg Urbanowski is the dean of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Manitoba. His career includes being the vice president of Strategy and Business Development in higher education, an assistant deputy minister of advanced education, as well as a department head and professor. He has also been a visiting professor to a number of institutions in the European Union.

There is a need to develop new forms of collaborative partnerships in complex health and education environments to meet the needs of students, science and most importantly, the public. Intercultural, international, intersectoral, and interinstitutional dimensions of partnership in health care and health care education will be reviewed in the context of a new model of collaborative innovation. New perspectives on health care policy, knowledge translation and brokering principles and styles of learning will be introduced.

Catherine Yoshida

Catherine Yoshida is the head of diagnostic and reference services at the National Reference Centre for Mycobacteriology (the “TB lab”), National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), Winnipeg. The unit provides diagnostic, reference and surveillance services to provincial/territorial clients for all mycobacterium species, most notably for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Recently, as part of a support and capacity building effort with the Government of Nunavut, Catherine has been coordinating the deployment of NML lab experts and equipment to remote areas of Nunavut to bring innovative TB testing to the where it is most needed in Canada.

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