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The Herb Lampert Emerging Journalist Award is open to any student or newly practicing journalist (two years or less) and has a science feature published in print, broadcast or online during 2015.


Competitors must be Canadian citizens or residents of Canada. The award is presented for original material disseminated – in French or English – during the 2015 calendar year.

The $500 award will be presented on June 4th during the CSWA annual conference in Guelph.

Here is further information about how to enter:

1 entry per person

All entries must submit:

·      description of the entry, less than 150 words

·      biography of the writer(s), less than 150 words

·      confirmation of the date published, broadcast, or presented

·      online entry form

How to Submit Formats:


·      four copies of the article or series

·      or a link to the online article or series

radio or podcast:

·      link to mp3 file either through an active url or an archived link,

·      or 4 copies on DVD

television/youtube/other video:

·      4 copies of on DVD

·      or a link to an active url

Print copies and DVDs must be received at 105 Villeneuve O, Montreal, QC H2T 2R6 by February 15.

All audio and video files and links or urls must be available throughout the judging period (February 15-June 15)

You must register your submission online below in order to enter the Herb Lampert Emerging Journalist Award

Register Your Submission

Deadline to Enter February 15, 2016

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