Freelance Skill Share Extraordinaire

Assemble any group of freelancers at a networking event, or Google “freelance challenges” and a common set of discussion topics tends to emerge. Sharing how freelancers navigate challenges to survive and thrive in the gig economy is the focus of this highly interactive workshop. No death by Power Point here. In this session, freelancers of all experience levels will work in small groups where they will be prompted with a series of questions to discuss and share experiences, challenges, and solutions. Small groups will then summarize and share their key tips and conclusions with the wider group. Join us to share, discuss, learn, and problem-solve freelance challenges. Earlybird registrants will have the opportunity to complete a survey to help narrow down our focus to three of the following topic areas: pitching, networking & self-promotion, money & contracts, professional development, budgeting, planning & work flow, work-life balance & staying positive, the art of the interview, reporting tips, and common pitfalls of freelancing. This session is facilitated by two experienced, energetic, go-getter Canadian freelance science journalists, Lesley Evans Ogden and Niki Wilson. Space is limited to 25 participants in order to maximize small group interactivity.

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