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The Statistical Society of Canada’s Excellence in Data Journalism Award


The mission of this award is to promote excellence and creativity in the reporting of statistics-based findings to the Canadian public in an era when more and more reportage is being based on statistical analyses and interpretations. Data journalism on any subject involving statistics based findings and analyses is eligible for the award. The award is to be presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Science Writers' Association.

We actively seek submissions from individual Canadian print, online and broadcast journalists and bloggers as well as journalism media outlets. Entries can have been published, broadcast or mounted online in English or in French and must have appeared in 2015.

The following criteria will bear equal weight in the evaluation of the submissions:

(1) Ease of understanding what the data is saying and the visual elegance and originality in how that data is conveyed.

(2) Impact of the entry on improving the public’s understanding of the data and on its general contribution to increased statistical literacy amongst Canadians.

Note: An article exhibiting significant flaws in its statistical interpretation shall not be considered for this award.

Applicants must    be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and  the submitted work must have appeared in Canadian-based media.  Applicants need not be members of the Canadian Science Writers' Association.

The Excellence in Data Journalism Award will normally be given out yearly. Award winners will   receive a total monetary prize of $1,000 and a certificate from the Statistical Society of Canada. The prize may not be awarded if none of the submissions are deemed to have achieved a high level of excellence.

The deadline for this award is March 15, 2016. Jurors for the award will include at least one statistician and one journalist.

Here is further information about how to enter:

1 entry per person

All entries must submit:

·      description of the entry, less than 150 words

·      biography of the writer(s), less than 150 words

·      confirmation of the date published, broadcast, or presented

·      online registration form & entry fee

entry fee $50 for non-members, $25 for members

How to Submit Formats:


·       link to the online article or series

·      or four copies of the article or series

radio or podcast:

·      link to mp3 file either through an active url or an archived link,

·      or 4 copies on DVD

television/youtube/other video:

·      link to an active url

·      or 4 copies of DVD  

Any print copies or DVDs must be received at:  CSWA Awards Chair, PO Box 249

Grafton ON K0K 2G0 by March 15, 2016.

All audio and video files and links or urls must be available throughout the judging and awards presentation period (Feb 15, 2016 to June 30, 2016)

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