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2020 SWCC Conference Team

The 2020 Virtual Conference could not have been possible without the considerable investment in time and talent of the following people. Thank you!

Nikki Berreth

Rhonda Moore (Conference Chair) is a self-professed Science Policy Geek and who has worked for more than 15 years at the intersection of communications, research, and policy analysis and development. By day, Rhonda is Practice Lead, Science and Innovation at the Institute on Governance, a non-partisan, non-profit think tank in Ottawa that produces independent research, offers professional development training, and advisory services. She thrives on big ideas and is fuelled by coffee and single malt Scottish whisky. @R_mmoore

Sean Rushton

A former journalist, Marg Sheridan (SWCC Board member) became interested in science communication following a career change into Corporate Communications. Stints with the Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto and an Communications Coordinator position with the College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan left her with the realization that, despite not having a science background, she enjoyed writing about the people behind the scenes in medicine. She now works and resides in Ottawa. @MargSheridan

A botanist at the Canadian Museum of Nature, Paul Sokoloff's work boils down to cataloguing plant biodiversity in the Arctic and beyond. On any given day, he may be in a faraway place doing field work, in the museum's herbarium studying plant specimens or in the lab analyzing DNA of Arctic plants. In the quest for science, he's had his clothes stolen in southern Labrador, flipped over a canoe full of samples in New Brunswick's Jacquet River, and come face to face with curious wildlife on Ellesmere Island in Nunavut.

Paul first came to the Canadian Museum of Nature as a master's student. Two days after submitting his thesis, he was on a plane bound for Victoria Island in the Western Canadian Arctic as a museum field assistant and he hasn't looked back since. Since then, Paul has embarked on nine Arctic expeditions with the museum, and participated in multiple biodiversity surveys at the Mars Desert Research Station in southern Utah. @paul_sokoloff

Sean Tudor is currently the Head, Collection Services and Information Management and Registrar at the Canadian Museum of Nature. He is currently serving as a board member for the Bytown Museum.  A graduate of Ottawa U and Algonquin College, he has worked in the national heritage sector for over 15 years as a Collections Manager, Curator, and Interpreter. Recently, Sean has focused his work on the collection and preservation of the digital object and how that relates to the preservation of Big Data in the heritage sector.  Sean brings his passion for public history and engagement to the SWCC to help foster new ways to interpret science and technology through a socio-historic lens. @S_Tudor


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