Annual General Meeting 2019

Present: Suraaj Aulakh, Nikki Berreth, Jill Bouchard, Carolyn Brown, Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque, Gillian Clinton, Burke Cullen, Michael Dwyer, Kate Einarson, Lesley Evans Ogden Elizabeth Howell, Kasia Kaluzny, Douglas Keddy, Debbie Lockrey-Wessel, Kevin S. Mogk, Brian Owens, Michael Robin, Ivan Semeniuk, Paul Sokoloff, Jay Whetter, Niki Wilson, Richard Zurawski

Meeting open: 4:43 pm

Ethics (Ivan Semeniuk)

  • Aim is to adopt a set of values, best practices and ethics.
  • Powerpoint slides on the history of SWCC/CSWA and the background for the need of a set of values for our organization.
  • Presentation of the proposed Statement of Values (May 25, 2019 Draft) and article in our constitution, that includes the instatement of a permanent Ethics Committee.
  • Question period:
    • Clarification on the description for accuracy? Agreement that we intend to “get the science right” & the description may need to be amended to convey this intention.
    • Request for amendment to the preamble to include the term “support”.
    • Question on the value of transparency and an example.

Motion: To adopt the proposed Statement of Values (personal and organizational). Moved by Michael Robin. Seconded by Michael Dwyer. Passed.

Ethics Committee proposal overview (Ivan Semeniuk)

  • Question period:
    • Question on the formality of the ethics committee’s advisory capacity. Are we liable?
    • Request for additional information on the committee and the instatement timeline.

Motion: To approve the minutes - moved by Michael Dwyer, Brian Owens seconded. Passed.

WCSJ 2021 (Douglas Keddy)

  • ACS partnership to host in Montreal. We are up against Columbia. This is a multi-million-dollar conference and if executed successfully could expose the excellence of our work to an international audience. Hand off the logistics, planning and operating the conference to a planner. We will hear back in two weeks after presenting in Switzerland.
  • Our participation will include program track planning and less swag bag packing.
  • Question period
    • Getting in contact with previous international conference planners.
    • Does this mean that the SWCC annual conference will not occur in 2021.

2019 Conference (Douglas)

  • It was a big success. Thank you to Jay Whetter for planning this beautiful conference!

Organizational Updates (Douglas Keddy)

  • Nikki Berreth is the new General Manager - brought in after Janice Benthin’s retirement.
  • Record-keeping – working to professionalize the backend of this organization and clarifying what we do, how we do it, who we support and how we support them.
  • Support for SWCC members within communities across Canada. We are looking for champions that can lead those smaller scale events in cities.
  • Newsletter – resurrected on a quarterly basis.

Board Transitions (Douglas Keddy)

  • Thank you to the following Board Members for their dedication.
    • Jennifer Gagne - Treasurer
    • Ivan Semeniuk – Ethics Committee
    • Evan Everything – People’s choices awards
    • Michael Dwyer – Previous Vice President
    • All Volunteers for their passion and contributions to the SWCC
  • Incoming Board Members
    • Aniruddho Chokroborty-Hoque, Treasurer
    • Rhonda Moore, Director
    • Michael Robin, Director
    • Elizabeth Howell, President
    • Richard Zurawski, Vice President

Financials approval (Douglas)

  • Question on the $2000 outstanding – It is a current Paypal problem that we hope to have resolved asap. Included the amount in the interest of full transparency.
  • No other questions or proposals.

Motion: To approve financial records: Richard Zurawski moves, Michael Robin seconds. Passed.

2019-2021 (Elizabeth Howell)

  • Quick introduction.
  • Plans to bring in more funding via webinars and to activate our website with fresh content.
  • Next year’s election process: need people to assist with the 2020 board election.

Motion: To adjourn the 2019 AGM Brian Owens to move. Burke Cullen to second. Passed.

Meeting adjourned: 5:43 pm.

Relevant Documents:

Statement of Values

Ethics Committee Proposal

AGM 2018 Approved Minutes

2018/19 Approved Financials

PDF - AGM 2019 Minutes

2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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