Wearing a 'critter cam' dive mask with a HD video camera, Susan R. Eaton (R) of Calgary, Canada, and Dr. Karen Richardson (L) of Sydney, Australia, prepare for extreme snorkeling in the Western Antarctic Peninsula. Photo courtesy of Emory Kristof, USA.

We introduce to you our latest effort to become more relevant to members – a site on our webpage where we host their science related blogs. We are also going to regularly spotlight some we think are particularly interesting. The first is Susan Eaton’s reflections on being a Canadian science blogger see http://susanreaton.com/ and the second to come is Mark Green’s account of how he came to self-publish a journalism-like chemistry textbook.

I say all the above and offer a couple of words of counsel to all our bloggers and our members. The first is: Hyperlink like mad. On the net we readers want to read not just what you said but also the sources upon which you based your opinions. On a blog “I think” has, almost without anyone noticing, turned into “we think.” Also talk in images if you can. If we see what you see, we can better understand what you are saying. And finally, I hope that CSWA members will go to your sites and comment on what you have written. This is because the internet continues to teach us that the best journalism leads to even better conversations.

And finally, take a look at http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/a-blog-around-the-clock/2012/11/21/the-other-kinds-of-expertise/ as Bora Zivkovic is whirling dervish of a thinker when it comes to scientific blogging.


3 Responses to CSWA Highlights Member Blogs

  1. Justin says:

    A great feature. I look forward to reading posts from my fellow science writers!

  2. Andy Skuce says:

    I’m a recent CSWA member and I contribute to the blog Skeptical Science . This blog is devoted to rebutting disinformation on climate change and promoting scientific understanding of the latest research. My own contributions are listed at this link.

  3. […] initiative from the association and one I’m glad to see.  Here’s the list (from the CSWA member blog page), Anne Steinø (Research Through the Eyes of a Biochemist) Arielle Duhame-Ross (Salamander […]

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